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"I was a patient of Supriya Mulik when she was a service provider at another PT provider. I went to treatment because of a back pain. She evaluated by condition by asking lot of questions before diagnosing the ailment I had. She explained in details how the treatment going work and treated me without rushing. She also provided detailed follow-up exercises to do at home. At the end of my treatment my back pain went away and I tried to do the follow-up exercises as much as I can. Since my treatment with Supriya my back pain did not come back in nearly 4 years. "
May 13, 2019
"Supriya is absolutely wonderful. I came to her needing a lot of assistance with pelvic floor physical therapy (and to work on my diastasis recti) after the birth of my second child. She tailored exercises to exactly what I needed and gave me great information about what I am able to do and not do exercise wise until fully healed). She is professional and kind and I give her my highest recommendation. "
Apr 03, 2019