Specialty Programs

Potential Physical Therapy has developed three specialty programs to keep mothers, athletes, and older adults stronger and fitter so they can live life to its fullest potential.

Pre- and Post-Pregnancy Fitness

If you’re a woman who’s just discovered you’re expecting, you may be asking a lot of questions:

  • How will I feel as the weeks go on?
  • How much weight will I gain?
  • Will I be able to work and eat and look the way I always have?
  • Can I cope not only with the tremendous physical changes, but also with preparing for this new family member?
Potential Physical Therapy has designed a pre- and post-pregnancy fitness program to help you stay in shape prior to, during, and after your pregnancy and to make this experience as stress-free as possible for you and your child. Our therapist will offer invaluable and up-to-date information about pre- and post-natal exercises so you can enjoy a healthy and fit motherhood. This program will answer your questions about your body during and after pregnancy. We will invent a fitness regimen that respects your needs and optimizes your strengths, and that can cheer you on through challenging moments.

Fitness for Endurance Athletes

As an athlete, you put your body through a lot. Potential Physical Therapy has created a program to rehabilitate you after injury, prevent future damage, and optimize your performance. We place special emphasis on analyzing the biomechanics of your particular sport and rehabilitate you accordingly.

The following are some examples of common injuries due to poor biomechanics:

  • Cycling: An improper bike setup causes knee pain, while a tight ITB causes back pain.
  • Swimming: An improper body roll leads to shoulder pain.
  • Running: Weak gluteal muscles cause ITB friction syndrome, while improper foot positioning can be the precursor to shin splints.
  • Cricket: A fast bowling technique can trigger stress fractures of the back and rotator cuff injuries.
  • CrossFit: Poor hip ROM leads to back pain when squatting.
  • Ballet: A limited turnout position creates hip, knee, and back pain.

Fall Prevention

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • One in four Americans aged 65 and over falls each year.
  • Falls are the leading cause of both fatal injury and nonfatal trauma-related hospitalization among older adults.
  • A growing number of older adults are worried about falling and therefore limit their activities and social engagements. This results in further physical decline, depression, and isolation.
Potential Physical Therapy seeks to increase awareness of the risk of falling among older adults and encourage action to prevent it in the community. We have also developed a program to keep you strong and improve your balance, which will decrease your fear of falling.